Friday, August 12, 2011

Silverline Dutch Hoe good quality garden tool for under a tenner £3.41

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Product Description:

Part Number: 186817
Item Dimensions
Length: 1200mm
Weight: 880 grams
Boxed Product Weight: 998 g
Epoxy coated, hammered finished, pressed steel head. Tubular steel handle 1200mm long with black hand grip and hanging hole.

I just love a dutch hoe - saves me a lot of back ache, great for weeding and turning the soil / aerating. Honestly - my attitude is that I'm going to use it to shift soil around - it doesn't need to look pretty and for a fiver if I replace it in a few years I'm not going to cry! Really - for a fiver - how far wrong can you go?


Silverline 186817 Dutch Hoe 
RRP: £5.01
Price: £3.41
You Save: £1.60 (32%)
Under 10 Quid Price: £3.41
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Reviews from Amazon:

Wanted a basic / budget hoe for the garden. In fairness wasn't expecting the best hoe in the world but product arrived the following day (fantastic) and came throughly wrapped up (took me ages to cut open packaging !). 

It revealed a more than suitable product, looks sturdy enough and sure it will be ok for the "light / occasional" gardener. Has plastic handle on end - will come off if you pull it but allows you to rotate it depending on how you hold the hoe. Only cost £3 something and free delivery

- Guys you seriously can't go wrong here and providing you don't do anything stupid with it I'm sure it will last the test of time !

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