Monday, September 19, 2011

Stanley 12 Piece Multi Tool under a tenner £6.50

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Product Description:
The Stanley 084519 is a robust construction multi tool with a wide range of different uses. The Stanley multi tool is ideal for the home, workplace or for adventurous, outdoor-loving people. The Stanley 084519 comes with a nylon holster for easy storage and can be attached to a belt for quick and easy access. Includes the following tools:
Long nose pliers, Wire cutter, Saw, Standard screwdriver (1/4inch), Small knife, Bottle opener, Curve jaw pliers, Standard screwdriver (5/16inch), File, Large knife, Phillips screwdriver, Standard screwdriver (1/8 inch.

Technical Details
Stanley 12 Piece Multi Tool
Stainless steel
Multi function
Nylon pouch
Easy to use
Robust design

Stanley 12 Piece Multi Tool
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Boxed-product Weight: 222 g
RRP: £14.10
Under 10 Quid Price: £6.50
You Save: £7.60 (54%)

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I purchased the stanley multi tool to replace a lost leatherman tool,the ease of use,compact feeling and general appearance cannot compare with the leatherman,but neither can the cost.Everything works,excellent value for money and if you dont mind its slightly bulky feeling its a very good buy.

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