Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Box 3 PIN 1000mA USB Power Adapter Mains Charger UK Wall Plug under a tenner -

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Product Description:
Just what you need to re-charge your MP3 player, no more having to switch on your PC to charge your devices. It is well made and good value. 3 pin USB Power plug wall charger suitable for charging. Just plug in your USB cable into the input - then charge you MP3 player or other device. Plug your iPod, iphone 3g, iPod touch, PDA, and many, many more usb compatible devices.

3 Pin CE certified plug, Charge your mp3 player from the wall - using your existing sync cable
No need to rely on your PC to re-charge
output current : 150mA-1000mA, output voltage : 5V
check your device for output current compatibility before ordering

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I Box 3 PIN 1000mA USB Power Adapter Mains Charger
(iphone, ipad, phones, digital cameras)
customer reviews (Yes)
Under 10 Quid Price: £2.99
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I bought this to be able to charge my TomTom one v4 at home. It will charge it from almost flat to full in just over an hour. It is also used to charge my Samsung camera and will charge faster than the standard Samsung charger(400ma)without problem. The unit is well made. It has a small red led on the top to show when it is switched on. The unit gets slightly warm when charging, but seems to have an electronic control to limit charge when the battery is charged. I put my TT on charge and forgot about it for several hours;when checked, the unit was cold, so had obviously stopped itself from charging. The service from iBox(the seller)was excellent as usual and I purposely looked for it in their listings as I have had good service from them before. 

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