Friday, October 7, 2011

iPod Portable Speaker and Docking System for iPod Mini - Video - Classic, Touch - Nano - MP3 and MP4 players under a tenner £9.98

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Product Description:
TeckNet NEW AD-05 iPod Portable Speaker and Docking System for iPod Mini, Video, Classic, Touch(all generations), Nano(all generations), and other MP3 and MP4 players - (Black)

Technical Details
Color: Black
TeckNet SD-019 Portable Audio System, New generation of TeckNet AD-05 speakers
Loud, clear speakers with a heavy low-end and crystalline highs
Connect your iPod, Laptop, CD Player or any other audio device with 3.5mm earphone connector
Charge your iPod Players while you listen. (can be powered by 4 AAA batteres, or mains power adaptor - not supplied)
The speaker can also be powered by using your PC
Output: RMS 4W (2W+2W) THD=10%
Frequency reponse: 150-1800HZ (+ 3dB)
Signal and noise ratio of power amplifier: Bigger than 80dB
Loud speaker: 1.5 inch (external diameter 40mm) magnetic resistant 40hms
Can charge (dock) iPod mini, iPod nano(all generations), ipod video 30G/40G/60G/80G, iPod Classic 80G/120G, iPod Touch(all generations)

Please Note:
1. The Speaker does not support iPod Classic 160G,iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S
2. The Speaker can not charge iPod Shuffle Players
3. The Speaker can not charge TeckNet V80 and V90 Music Player, or other music players
4.The Power adaptor is not included, the speaker can work with the iPod original AC adaptor (Output: 5V 1000mAH),
( recommended adaptor- TeckNet C009 Power adaptor to charge the speaker and ipod player).

iPod Portable Speaker and Docking System
(computers MP3 players)
customer reviews (Yes)
RRP: £19.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £9.98
You Save: £10.01 (50%) 

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These portable speakers fit the ipod perfectly and play an adequate sound when they have full battery power. There is no lack of bass which is something that is important to me, so no worries there. Unfortunately the speakers eat batteries which is annoying if you want an afternoon in the countryside with a picnic as we gathered a few weeks back when we had to take 2 sets of batteries lasting about 2 hours each. 

The speakers also seem to tell my ipod that it is charging. So after an hour in the speakers my ipod reports full battery when in reality it will run out...So i have taken to resetting my ipod by holding "menu + centre button". this only takes 20 seconds and then the battery icon tells the truth. The speakers are good for use at a picnic or out and about when you need some background music with your friends :) 

Luckily the speakers have the USB power cable which enables it to not use batteries when near a computer so, if we are being honest the player is a pretty good one for the price. just be aware of the little niggles that may come to annoy you.

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