Thursday, November 24, 2011

Car Charger for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 (CAD300U, original) under 10 quid £4.28

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Product Description:
Car Charger for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 Seine (CAD300U, original)

compatible for following types:

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

Product Details:
Rapid charging in 2-3 hours only
small and light original product
car charger 12/24V
connection at cigarette lighter
intelligent charging electronic
overload protection
conservation charge
for original and third-party batteries developed
corresponds to the highest safety standards
TOP Original Product
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Car Charger for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 (original product)
(samsung  s2 I9100)
customer reviews (Yes)
Under 10 Quid Price: £4.28
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I made this purchase purely so that i am able to charge my phone whilst on a long drive - especially if the tom tom stops working and i need to use the phone sat nav, or if i need to voice text/answer calls.
It arrived quite quickly and packaged well - and also had to be signed for. So far it has worked well for local driving and keeps the phone charged but i am yet to see how well it works driving long distance.

It has the Samsung lettering and actually looks nice (for those who dont want some ugly bulky charger cotching in front of them) and at a very good price so i am (so far) very pleased with this purchase.

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