Monday, November 14, 2011

iPad 2 Smart Cover in Blue under ten quid - £8.99

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Product Description:
This smart cover has been specially designed to work intelligently with your iPad 2. With its thin durable polyeurathane cover and magnetic strip.

When closed it puts your ipad 2 to sleep and automatically wakes it when you open it again.  You can also fold the case into a triangle and rest the iPad perfectly for typing or stand the screen upwards making it great for curling up to a film.

KEYBOARD STAND - when folded you can have it at the perfect angle for comfortable typing

You can stand the ipad upright so you can enjoy your HD movies the way they should be enjoyed.

You can stand the ipad up on its side using the triangle design making facetime easier.

You get a microfibre interior which cleans the screen when shut, helping remove dust and grease from the everyday use of the touch screen.
Compatible With
Apple: iPad 2

Package Contents:

 1 X AIO Black Wallet Leather Case For Apple iPhone 4 + Screen Protector

iPad 2 Smart Cover in Blue (iPad 2)
customer reviews (Yes)
Under 10 Quid Price: £8.99
Delivery £5.99 to UK

I love apple products, but I hate wasting money. I was sceptical about buying a smart cover from apple when I first got my iPad, since as I saw it, it was just a thin sheet of polyurethane with some magnets, surely not worth the £34.99 price tag? 

I ordered an executive style leather case from amazon for under £10 and felt chuffed with the bargain. Whilst the other case was good, it didnt in anyway accentuate the features of the iPad2, its sleek profile etc. After a few weeks I found myself drawn to the smart cover and found it for a good price here! 

Honestly couldn't be happier with it, protects the ipad well, shows off all its best design features and functions really well as a stand too.