Saturday, November 12, 2011

TeckNet MT-096 Apple FM Transmitter For Apple iPhone and ipod touch under ten quid £9.79

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Product Description:
Plug this into your apple device tune your car radio and start using your ipod, iphone or other device through your hi fi or other music system.

Technical Details
Stream music from your iPHone or iPod directly to your home or car stereos. Transmits on FM channels 87.6 MHz - 107.9 MHz, 0.1Mhz/step
LCD display with blue background light. No need for extra power supply, just plug it to the dock connector and play.
Simple to use two button controls
Includes auxiliary power adapter for operate and charge iPhone / iPod at the same time
Compatible with Apple iPhone(all model), iPod Touch(all generations), Classic(all generations), 5th Generation iPod Video, 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th Generation iPod Nano, iPod Photo, iPod Mini, 3rd and 4th Generation iPod.

Product details
Boxed-product Weight: 82 g
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TeckNet MT-096 Apple FM Transmitter For Apple iPhone and ipod touch
(iphone, ipod touch)
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Under 10 Quid Price: £9.79
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Only reason for not putting 5*s is that I have not had this item long enough to properly test it in lots of different locations. However, I have had a couple of transmitters in the past that have all been more costly than this one and from the onset did not work as brilliantly as this. On my usual school run there used to be certain spots on my travels that I knew would give me distortion with previous transmitters and this did not happen with the TeckNet - clear all the way to school and back! (Not such a happy daughter who is highly embarrassed by the school run karaoke session as can now play all my favourites with ease and my tuneless singing)

Simple to use - tune it into your radio and you're off - what else do you need. For me the 90.0 setting works brilliantly. Only disadvantage is that you dont have a number of stored settings on it like my previous Belkin however, maybe I dont need it- and at this price it is really not a biggie.
Cant fault it - highly recommended - will update when have used it for longer

What I'm really happy about is that I have 5 left, was expecting to have to practice on a few to get it right, like I have had to with other brands, and I'm pretty good applying these things.

Obviously ensure there is no dust, I cleaned the screen with the cloth provided them wiped it with a damp cloth and wiped again with the cloth provided.

From what I can see these screen protectors may wear quickly but due to the price and ease of application I really do not mind.

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