Thursday, November 10, 2011

USB Dock Connector Cable For All iPods/iPhones/iPads under a tenner £6.90

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Product Description:
Charge your iPod or iPhone
Brand: Belkin
Item Height: 11 centimetres
Item Width:40 millimetres
cable for your iPod and iPhone
To charge your iPod/iPhone
To synchronize your tunes and data on your iPod/iPhone with your PC
Available in white
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USB Dock Connector Cable
(iphone, ipads, ipods)
customer reviews (Yes)
List Price: £9.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £6.90
You Save: £3.09 (31%)
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Considering the price difference between this Belkin cable, and the "cheapo" generic unbranded versions which infest Amazon and other popular web sites, I thought it would be pretty silly to buy one of the generic cables, especially when they get such variable feedback. I'm glad I did. The Belkin cable is well-made, works exactly as it should for charging and syncing, and is actually tougher and thicker than the genuine Apple cable.

It comes packaged in a Belkin box (slightly over-packaged in fact), and you know that it comes from a company who have consistent and effective quality assurance controls in place. So the chances of getting a dud are vastly lower than they are if you gamble on nameless brands which peddle cheap cables that magically cost five times as much to ship.

I have had none of the problems reported by the only one-star reviewer, as I said this cable performs exactly as it should. I don't know exactly how it could go wrong but I think smoke, sparks, molten plastic, or strange noises would all be good warning signs, and I've seen none of those.

Another reviewer mentioned the plug that connects to the phone being made from two pieces of plastic which potentially can separate. I can confirm that the plug is still manufactured in this way, so extra care needs to be taken when plugging it in and removing the phone from the cable. There are no "pinch releases" on this cable, as there are on some Apple sync cables.

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