Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Ballotin Assortment Bath Gift Set - under a tenner £8.45

Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Ballotin Assortment Bath Gift Set - under a tenner £8.45

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Product Description:
The newest addition to the Ballotin Gift Set range is a must for any chocolate lover and contains six luxuriously hand crafted bath products all with a chocolate theme:

    Vanilla Bath Creamer
    Chocolate Orange Bath Creamer
    Coffee Mocha Bath Meltz
    Chocolate Bath Mallow
    Double Choc Chip Bath Gem
    Chocolate Buttercup
    All containing natural Cocoa Butter and essential oils.

Please Note: Although this gift set looks good enough to eat, none of the products are suitable for consumption and for this reason we do not recommend this gift set for anyone under 3 years old.

Luxurious gift set containing six chocolate themed bath products

All contain natural cocoa butter and essential oils

All of Bomb Cosmetics products are mixed, pressed, moulded, rolled and shaped by hand

Our soaps, bath blaster and other products contain the very finest perfume oils which means they leave your bathroom smelling fantastic, even when they are not being used

Bomb Cosmetics products have no artificial binders like PVP - soaps, Bath Blasters and bath melts all set naturally over a period of time rather than being stamped out on a machine

Product Features
Luxury Bath Set
Perfect Christmas Gift
6 Bath Melts In Each Set Contains Aromatherapy Oils
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Chocolate Bath Gift Set 
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RRP: £9.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £8.45
You Save: £1.54 (15%)

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I ordered these for a friends birthday, I have never bought an item from the bomb cosmetic range before so didn't know what to expect. They have arrived today and I am thrilled with them. They are in a lovely little box that looks like a little chocolate box. 

Each item is beautifully made and they look absolutely stunning. When you open the box your hit by an absolutely luxurious smell.

Obviously I haven't actually used them because I bought them as a gift, but They look and smell good enough to eat!!

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