Friday, January 13, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SII Battery under a tenner £7.99

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Product Description:
This Original Spare battery is perfect as a replacement for a tired old battery that is struggling to hold a long enough charge.

It is also a great to have as a spare even if your phone is brand new. People who use their phone extensively whilst out and about can often find the supplied battery will not last long enough for the working needs whilst they are away from a charger.

This battery comes with a backing case to fit to your Galaxy S II for the perfect fit.

Having a spare charged battery ready to go will ensure you keep talking and makes sure you don't miss those important phone calls.

Simply replace the original battery when you run low on power. Charges and functions just like your phones original battery.

This battery is an original Samsung part so there it features the highest quality cells. Backed by a 12 months manufacturers warranty, this Battery is brand new and Eco OEM packaged to save on the price and waste packaging.

Technical Details
Original Samsung manufactured replacement/spare battery
Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S II
12 month warranty
1650mah capacity
Easy to fit
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Samsung Galaxy SII Battery(mobile phone, accessory)
customer reviews (Yes)
RRP: £19.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £7.99
You Save: £12.00 (60%)
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I was looking for a genuine Samsung battery for my Galaxy SII to use as a spare if I ran out of charge. There were so many listed on Amazon which were quite clearly not genuine. 

Some even came with their own chargers which is a tell-tale sign that these are not original manufacturer compliant. This one seems to be the real deal and I 'm very happy with it.

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