Tuesday, February 14, 2012

eJay Dance & House music production software under 10 quid - £5.97

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Product Description:
Dance eJay/House eJay - Enter a new dimension of music creation with the reworked Hyper Generator 5 (a polyphonic synthesizer), the Groove Generator (a drum computer for programming your own drum loops), plus a Chord and Bass Generator for creating yet more cutting-edge dance sounds! 

Then use the 3D VJ Box to arrange your own visuals to go with your mix, selecting from over 1000 3D objects. Make your own dance hit in a matter of minutes: 5,000 royalty-free dance and club sounds.

Stylish 48-track sound mixer in CD quality for arranging and composing tracks Extensive FX Studio for editing and creating samples Time & Tune Generator. Adjust the tempo of imported sounds House eJay - It's time to get your groove on! 

With House eJay, you can create genuine house music from the comfort of your own home. Just drag your favourite sound blocks onto the tracks in the Arranger to create your very own house track. Make your own house hit in a matter of minutes: More than 3,000 royalty-free house and garage sounds.

Exclusive samples from DJs Phats & Small Groove Generator - drum computer including over 500 special drum grooves Booster and audio mixer for pumping up and fine-tuning your mix FLASH: Drag and drop simplicity for everyone to enjoy!
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eJay Dance & House music 2 pack
(music, software, house)
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RRP: £5.97
Under 10 Quid Price: £5.97

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OK this is a great music program at a brilliant price. easy and fun to use.

However I had a problem with the House programme and was disappointed. The serial number to the house ejay was not included so could not use it.

However, thanks to a helpful suggestion in the Amazon comments page I contacted focus, gave them my details and serial number of the Dance programme and they got straight back to me with the right number. Both programmes are now working.

These programs are a lot of fun and you can get some really good sounds. I was also impressed with the prompt reply of the customer services dept.

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