Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Name a Star Gift Box - Under a tenner - £8.99

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Product Description:
Most stars in the night sky are nameless or known only by a nondescript identification code - until now. 

This unique gift allows you to name a real star in the night sky forever. There are billions of stars above us and one of them is patiently waiting for you to name it.

Everything you need is inside the gift tin including easy-to-follow star-naming instructions - simply register on line or by post to name your star. Each star is named only once and is guaranteed to be unique.

Your stars name will be published in the Star Registry and you will receive an A4 certificate confirming your chosen star name. Certificates are dispatched within 28 days of registration.

Included within the gift tin is a cosmic array of stellar information. The history of stars, intergalactic facts and figures, an astronomy booklet and a constellations poster are all included.

Find out your stars brightness and its precise co-ordinates. This will enable you to plot your stars location on a star map.

This is the ideal gift to mark any special occasion - be it a newborns arrival, a wedding, valentine, anniversary or a budding astronaut’s birthday. An extraterrestrial gift guaranteed to shine forever.

Box Contains
Welcome Letter
Your Gift Explained
Gift registration form
Star Details leaflet
A History of Stars leaflet
Stars Facts & Figures leaflet
Stars & Astronomy booklet
Constellations souvenir poster
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Name a Star Gift Box
(gift, astronomy)
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RRP: £19.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £8.99
You Save: £11.00 (55%)

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Everything I expected it to be.
A perfect present for someone interested to the stars.
Detailed sky/star maps enabling you to follow your star all year.

brought 3 generations of my family together over Christmas deciding on the star to be named
an excellent gift for someone hard to buy for.

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