Thursday, February 16, 2012

Replacement Glass Back Cover For Apple iPhone 4 tools included - Under a tenner - £6.99

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Product Description:
Apple iPhone 4 16GB & 32GB Back Battery Cover & Frame Replacement in Black

Replacement for your damaged or broken back battery cover. Get your phone looking like new.

Tools for installation (Any new Apple products will require a different tool kit & only one set per order)

Step by step video tutorial Please email us for the video link

Please note that we can not be held liable for any damages cause while installing this item.
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Replacement Glass Back Cover For iPhone 4

(mobile phone, accessory)
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RRP: £14.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £6.99
You Save: £8.00 (53%)

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What is more annoying than dropping your phone 4 on the ground and smashing the back plate (other than smashing the screen)? 

Going to an Apple store to buy a replacement, only to be told 'you are not supposed to open the back of the phone sir'. I am not allowed to open the back of my own mobile phone? 

Tell me you aren't telling me what to do with the piece of hardware I own. 'You will invalidate your warranty sir'. Surely that is my decision, and if I break it, then it is my choice to buy a new phone isn't it?

No. Instead I have to book an appointment with a genius, to have this genius unscrew 2 screws and replace the back for £25.

I recommend this replacement wholeheartedly. It is identical... literally identical to the real thing, and will make your damaged back plate look as good as new. Make sure you remove the tiny piece of protective plastic from the lens cover, or your photos will be cloudy.

Excellent, quick service. Thanks.

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