Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wood Splitting Wedge by Roughneck - Under 10 Quid - £9.66

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Product Description:
This Roughneck 65504 is a strong diamond-shaped wood splitting grenade, with a cross section that enables you to split the log in 4 directions. The wood splitting grenade has a spherical striking face to provide a centred and efficient blow. The splitter is notched to prevent it popping out from the log and has a sharp point for an easy start.

Technical Details
Spherical striking face
Diamond shaped
Splits logs in 4 directions
Sharp point
Notched to prevent pop out

Roughneck advises to use the Roughneck 65504 Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge with a sledge hammer for greatest effect.
Box Contains
1 x Roughneck 65504 wood grenade splitting wedge
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Wood Splitting Wedge
(DIY, home, heating)
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RRP: £18.00
Under 10 Quid Price: £9.66
You Save: £8.34 (46%)

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This is just brilliant. Accepted that I have been splitting logs with an old axe and a sledgehammer rather than proper splitting wedges - but this is amazing. Tap it into a huge recalcitrant and knotted log and whack hard with sledgehammer 3 or 4 times and log splits. Very much recommended. You do need to be able to swing a sledgehammer though.

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