Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apple iPod touch 8GB - White - 4th Generation £148

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Product Description:
The world's most popular portable gaming device is even more fun. Now available in black and white, iPod touch includes iOS 5 with over 200 new features, like iMessage, Notification Center, and Twitter integration.

 Send free, unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi with iMessage. Record HD video and make FaceTime calls. Visit the App Store to choose from over 500,000 apps. iPod touch also features iCloud, which stores your music, photos, apps, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.

Now you can be all "I was all…" and "She was all…" all you want. Send unlimited text messages to any iOS 5 device free over Wi-Fi with iMessage.

Notification Center
You're about to beat the final boss. Now's not the time for an alert to get in the way. And it won't, thanks to Notification Center.

Game Center
Get ready to rumble. Game Center lets you play against friends and people you don't know. And it recommends new games and new opponents.

Twitter Integration
Twitter users rejoice. iOS 5 adds Twitter capabilities to Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, and Maps, so you can tweet directly from them.

Forget much? Reminders can fix that for you. Create lists of things to do or remember, set a deadline, and Reminders sends you an alert.

Web articles minus the ads. What bliss. Tap the Reader button in Safari and ads disappear. Add article links to Reading List and read them later.

Photo Stream in iCloud stores all your latest photos and pushes them wirelessly to your other devices. So every pic is everywhere.

PC Free
You can activate and set up your iPod touch wirelessly, right out of the box. Without the need for a Mac or PC.

News stand
A magazine rack that's just for you. That's the idea behind Newsstand. Find all your publications here and even subscribe to new ones.

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Apple iPod touch 8GB 
(music, MP3)
customer reviews (Yes)
RRP: £169.00
Under 10 Quid Price: £148.00
You Save: £21.00 (12%)
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I had an ipod touch 2G for two years, which had an 8gb memory so i filled it up which is why i got the 4G version, with 32 GB. Im sure any ipod owner would tell you that they are reliable pieces of kit, and this new 4g touch is even better!

The screen is a lot better than the 2G, which i didn't think was possible, its very clear and amazing quality. Its also very bright.

The battery life is EXTREMELY good. I was used to the battery on the 2G running down a lot when i was using apps, but so far i haven't had to charge the 4g once, and i've had it for around a week, and that's with a lot of use everyday.

Its a lot thinner than the previous models, which is good and bad. Its good because its a lot lighter, and fits easier into a pocket because its not as chunky, but being light can also be a disadvantage as im constantly worried that i'm going to lose it or drop it without realising.

Like all previous ipod touches, its got a mirrored back. This scratches really easily so i would recommend a case as soon as you buy it to prevent this, and also a screen protector, which arent too expensive.

There are a lot of new features on the new ipod, with 2 cameras. They're good enough quality to take casual snaps, but definitely not good enough to print big sized pictures. It also has a new feature called facetime which is similar to a video call, just over wifi.

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