Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foldable Stand, Holder, Cradle for iPad - £6.47

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Product Description:
Props for your laptop! The stand elevates your screen for cool computing and comfortable viewing. Its a flexible, height-adjustable stand which allows you to raise your screen to an ergonomic viewing height.

Add a full-size keyboard and mouse to recreate the comfort and productivity of a desktop computer, or use the stand to share your screen for presentations and meetings. The laptop stand also enhances airflow around your computer, keeping it cool. Best of all, It is extremely portable it collapses to fit in your pocket or your computer bag.

It adjusts to support laptops of all widths, and supports weights up to 12 pounds. You can even use laptop stand with tablet PCs, by raising the screen to a more comfortable writing and viewing angle. Ideal for business travellers, students, and anyone who uses a laptop computer.
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iPad 2 Cradle
(iPad, stand, holder)
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RRP: £24.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £6.47You Save: £18.52 (74%)
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I bought one of these recently from Amazon as a stand for my net book. The majority of "ergonomic" stands are simply too big and bulky to carry around easily with a small netbook, which was what first attracted me to this product. I've seen these for sale elsewhere online (often described as a "Cricket laptop stand") retailing for between £30 and £60! Definitely a bargain here on Amazon! The stand raises the screen of your device up to a more comfortable (and healthy) viewing angle, and also helps keep your device nice and cool, as it maintains an airflow all around it. I use it with a Targus mini external folding keyboard and one of Trust's micro mice. Thus, even in my small net book case I can carry all my kit (including my power lead and a small external optical drive) so I'm fully kitted out and can use my net book in comfort when I'm on the road.

When the small package arrived, it was (pleasantly) surprisingly heavy for its size - I was expecting something not quite so substantial for the price. Folded its dimensions are 20.3(l) x 5.1(w) x 2.5(d)cm, and it weighs in at 177g. The maximum netbook/laptop/tablet PC weight it can hold is 5.4kg, which with the weight of portable computing devices these days, should be fine for all but the largest of modern laptops.

It comes in its own drawstring black pouch, which is a nice touch, and it's small enough to just pop into your pocket, laptop bag, or any other bag you care to pop it into. This is a product that feels well made and not at all flimsy. Depending on the size of the object you're using it as a stand for, you can either simply use it with its 'legs' unfolded, or adjust the height of the front two legs. I use it with my 10.2" net book, and it's fine without the legs extended, but for a larger laptop possibly you'd need to use it with the legs extended to make it more stable. As the product description says, you can use it with a tablet PC or a net book/laptop, and at a push I guess you could use it as a book/document stand as well.

Unfolding it from its closed position is simply a matter of pressing the large silver coloured button where it hinges to set the angle of the 'back' leg. The height adjustment is from 11 degrees to 60 degrees (in six increments, at each of which you feel a nice solid 'click'). The two front legs simply pull out sidewards to your desired width, and with the legs set up, you then pull out the small rests on each of the two front legs to rest the leading edge of your laptop/net book/tablet PC on. Although the rests are plastic, they feel pretty substantial, and are 'serrated' to prevent slippage.

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