Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Best Sweets From Your Childhood - £6.95

memory sweets
Can you remember being able to get 20 sweets for 50p then this might be for you!

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Product Description:

Can you remember being able to get 20 sweets for 50p then this might be for you!

Retro Sweets Cube - For those of you who just can`t decide, then this is the answer!

A transparent cube packed full of the most nostalgic, best of British, retro sweets ever.

It also makes a fabulously exciting and colourful gift for someone who really deserves a bit of pampering (and would enjoy a trip down memory lane). 

Contains: 1 Space Dust, 1 Sherbet Fountain, 5 Fruit Salad, 2 Happy Tattoos, 2 Drumsticks, 5 Black Jacks, 2 Fizzers, 2 Mini Parma Violets, 2 Anglo Bubbly, 1 Rainbow Drops, 1 Candy Lipsticks, 2 Mini Love Hearts, 2 Candy Sticks, Chocolate Coins, 1 Tongue Painter Lolly 
& lots lots more!  

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childhood memory sweets

Retro Sweets Cube 
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RRP: £6.95
Under 10 Quid Price: £6.95

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I bought the retro sweets for my 14 yr old daughter, as part of her Xmas presents, and she absolutely loved them, I really didn't think her reaction would be as exciting as it was over a box of sweets, the simplest things... she doesn't do liquorice, but just passed them on to her oldest brother.
. . . .
The Retro Sweets Cube is freakin awesome .Its like have the bests bits of my childhood beautifully preserved in a Box. Wonderful :) Double Dip.. Sweeet
. . . .
Great item to buy, this was for a friend and it took him back to when he use to by these sweets, fast delivery and well packaged, would recommend :)
. . . .
Omg! This is too cute! I bought it as a Christmas gift but when it arrived I chose to keep it.
It is a nice size for gifting for one person or to share amongst friends. It is nicely presented with a red ribbon around it and you won't be disappointed with the weight.

Full of memories from your childhood, plus a few other sweets to tempt you, it will be enjoyed by anyone who loves sweets or reminisces about the one's they had as a child.
I heartily recommend this liitle box of treats. Nom-mom!

. . . . 
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