Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eco Natural Hemp Brown Case for 6-inch Amazon Kindle 3/G - £15.12

Eco Natural Hemp Brown Case
This is an excellent cover - warm and tactile. for Kindle 3Buy this from Amazon

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Product Description:

Eco-nique Kindle 3 Hemp / Global Wireless 6 inch / 15 cm Design Authentic embroidered patterns flow along the surface of this innovative yet earthy and custom-made case giving your e-reader a pleasant book-like cover as well as storage for notes and business cards. 

Hearty and sturdy this case offers superior protection for the delicate screen of your device with a unique style that's only available from Eco-nique! 

Professional feel with a fun home-grown aesthetic. Features Made from natural hemp & cotton with artificial interior leather pouch - no animal products used in this case - 100% animal free Paper and business card pouch Mesh openings for speakers. 

Unique embroidered design 

Not compatible with Kindle 1 & 2 only compatible with Kindle 3 first released September 2010 Reconnect with your favourite literature and keep it natural with Tuff-Luvs hemp e-reader case.
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Eco Natural Hemp Brown Case large

Eco Natural Hemp Brown Case
(Amazon Kindle 3)
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RRP: £19.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £15.12
You Save: £4.87 (24%)

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This is an excellent cover - warm and tactile. The most viewed negative comment mentions a shiny button clasping the top of the kindle. 

The makers must have taken this feedback on board as they've now removed it, replacing it with a very unobtrusive but secure fastening.

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Eco Natural Hemp Brown Case