Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brabantia Clothes Peg Bag in Black - £8.16

Forget about searching for pegs to hang out the washing. 

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Product Description:

Forget about searching for pegs to hang out the washing.

With this clothes peg bag, pegs are always within easy reach.

With a hanging hook, it is easy to attach to the rotary dryer, drying rack and belt.

It is made of high-quality fabrics and corrosion resistand materials.

Complete with closing string with smart fastener, it keeps the clothes pegs clean when not use.

Barbantia Guarantee: 2 Years.

Dimensions: height: 150mm.

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Brabantia Clothes Peg Bag in Black
(home, garden)
customer reviews (Yes)
RRP: £8.16
Under 10 Quid Price: £8.16

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Really good little gift to give to someone, 

It's hard to believe just how radically different this was to use (for me anyway!). It's not huge, so it would depend on the type of pegs you use how many you would be able to store, but my first impression on using it is just how fantastic a design it is!

You can clip it on your belt, so where ever you are, your pegs are there too! (You wouldn't think this would make a difference - until you try it!)

It has a drawstring top, so you don't need to keep chasing pegs around the ground, and it can be fastened shut so that you don't lose the pegs either when stored, or in high winds.

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Clothes Peg Bag in Black