Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Worlds best Street Food under 10 pounds £8.84

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Street Food by T. Bowles - Lonely Planet under 10 pounds £8.84

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Product Description:

The thing about street food is it has to be easy to make, you know on the street! This book shows you where to find it and how to make it. Quick, easy and delicious.

100 street foods profiled, from the backstreets of Delhi to the markets of London;
From Indian Masala Dosa to Brazilian Acaraje,
from Russian Bliny to Moroccan Sfi nge.

This is a discovery of some of the best street dishes the world has to offer;
Each dish is presented with historical and cultural info and smart, evocative photography including Recipes

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Street Food by T. Bowls
(kitchen, cooking)
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RRP: £14.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £8.84
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I fitted it a couple of weeks ago and it's been absolutely fine and does just what I expected. 

This is one of the best cookery books I have come across in a long time simply for its pure variety and "difference factor". The worlds best street foods takes you around 80 savoury dishes and 20 sweet dishes which are popular as street food dishes representing a particular culture. 
So we Scicilian Arancino, Maltese pastizzi, Phat Thai from Thailand and Cornish Pasties from ancient Kingdom of Cornwall. The selection covers all continents except antartica (and thats probably just becuase there are no good penguin recipes) and the choices are spectacular covering popular favourites and lots of new dishes still unknown except inside their particular region.

Each sections follows a pattern, beginning with a description as to what the food is. There is always a picture of the food, but the description helps to fill out the details less apparent in the photo. We then get to explore the origin of the food and finally get some instructions on how to eat this in its native area (as well as some good places to go). Finally we get the recipe itself and sometimes, notes on variations.

Everything is well presented and clear and the recipes are easy to follow and fairly straightforward - remember this is street food meant to be cooked quickly and server to people in the street.

Very highly recommended for travellers and foodies alike.
. . . . 
What better gift for someone who likes to cook. 

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Street Food (Lonely Planet) by T. Bowles £8.84