Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Union Jack National Flag - OLYMPICS 2012 - 5ft x 3ft - £1.99

Gt Britain (Union Jack) National Flag 5ft x 3ft

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Product Description:

Polyester. 2 Grommets for easy hanging
Great Britain (Union Jack) United kingdom GB National Flag
5ft x 3ft
Union Jack
100% Polyester
100 Denier
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 Gt Britain (Union Jack) National Flag 5ft x 3ft
(home and away)
customer reviews (Yes)
RRP: £5.99
Under 10 Quid Price: £1.92
You Save: £4.07 (68%)
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I bought this flag just to hang over my bed, but I've ended up wearing it as a cape to some events and waving it around in the air, and it is still unblemished. 

That said, I'd put this down to me being very careful with it, rather than the flag itself being tough. 

I imagine it would be torn to shreds quite quickly if I were to accidentally catch a corner under one foot, or get it caught in a closing door as I walk through. 

Despite the very high-quality look of this flag, it is a little transparent which can be irritating if you're particularly pedantic. 

Finally, one of the long edges of the flag curves inwards which I don't believe is supposed to happen, but given the price I'm willing to overlook this minor problem.

If you want a flag to fly outside, at the mercy of the elements, I'd suggest a flag made from a tougher material. 

For hanging up in your house and just having fun with, this is a top purchase.
. . . . 
What better gift for someone who likes patriotism!
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  (Union Jack) National Flag for sale