Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soft-Grip Precision Pruning Scissors £6.34

Soft-Grip Precision Pruning Scissors £6.34.

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Product Description:

The narrow blades are very effective at dead-heading individual blooms out of a cluster formation.
Safety lock neat and easy to use in a very good position between the handles.
A useful addition to hand tool collection.

Not to be confused with heavier general purpose secateurs.

Draper 73728 165 mm Soft-Grip Precision Straight Pruning Secateurs
Boxed-product Weight: 454 g

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Soft-Grip Precision Pruning Scissors £6.34
(gardens, accessories)
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Does the job, instead of using our kitchen scissors. Having podgy fingers they are useful to me for getting in for dead heading and light foliage cutting. 

They are long enough to get into a plant without damaging it. The locking device is easy to use with your thumb, and these secateurs are certainly sharp enough to take the end off it.
This tool allows you to get in to the narrow spaces between plant stems so you only cut off the one you want to, great for dead heading, topping and fimming.

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Soft-Grip Precision Pruning Scissors