Thursday, October 25, 2012

Collectors edition METAL CLIPPER LIGHTER by CLIPPER £3.90

Collectors edition METAL CLIPPER LIGHTER £3.90

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Product Description:

An excellent item.

I thought this would be just a silver case for the clipper, but it is all metal and very good quality.

Adjustable flame, and re-fillable. Nice solid bit of kit.

Only way to wear it out would be to loose it, but at this price that wouldn't be a hardship.

Highly recommended.

Technical details:
  • Solid metal Clipper lighter
  • Be one of the first to own one of these new high quality lighters from the famous Clipper people
  • Exactly the same as a standard Clipper but the casing is made from metal
  • Available in brushed metal or shiny chrome finish
  • comes with presentation box
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Collectors edition 
(smoking, accessories)

customer reviews (Yes)

RRP: £3.70
Under 10 Quid Price: £3.70

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I bought these as Christmas prezzies for family and friends, I had them engraved and I have to say they all love them and I have one too, I can recommend these highly, wonderful sleek look, I do advise lighting other peoples cigarettes though and my brother has had two stolen even though I have had them engraved.
Ive owned a variety of clippers, and its been years and years since Ive seen one with adjustable flame like this one. Plus its full metal made. Awesome. Best class. Beats the quality of the golden edition one any day!
Possibly the best lighter i've ever had, awesome quality as clippers always are, need a new lighter? get this one!

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Metal Clipper Lighter, Collectors edition