Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Digital LCD Temperature and Humidity Meter £4.74

Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter £4.74

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Product Description:

This product is excellent for the price point.

I did a comparison with some calibrated instruments and it was near dead-on accurate for all intents and purposes (temperature within 0.2C, humidity within 3% checked at about 22C and 45% humidity).

The only thing I could not test was the accuracy of the clock but it appears to keep good time.

Technical details:
  • Displays the temperature, time and humidity all at the same time.
  • Clock and calendar function (month and date). 12-hour or 24-hour display
  • Large Character LCD display
  • Temperature range: -10~ + 50 ºC (14~122 ºF)
  • Humidity range: 10%~99%RH
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Temperature and Humidity Meter 
(gardens, home, accessories)
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RRP: £4.74
Under 10 Quid Price: £4.74

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It is a great product for measuring Temp/Humidity of home and indoors, I have bought this item after doing lot of research and finally ended with this as value of money. 

Few more features that is not mentioned on the website, the clock stores Min and Max temperatures and the Min/Max humidity levels as well. 

Accuracy level is +/- 1 degree & Size of clock is bigger than I was anticipating. 

All in all a wonderful product. Highly recommended, go for it guys! 
The only surprise with this item was that it was bigger than I expected, about 3" square. It has worked perfectly for the last month and agrees closely to the settings on my dehumidifier. Very happy 
This product just works. It's really great. Does all it says in the description and does it well. 

Few annoying things about it though: - makes loud beeping sound when any buttons are pressed; - date/time display alternates between date and time every 5 seconds, this is rather annoying as I never care to know the current date but always have to wait (unlucky as i am) for 5 seconds for the date information to disappear before i can find out what the time is. 

This effectively made me purchase a wall clock, I was hoping to avoid spending my sweet money on ;-)

none of this is, however, strong enough annoyance to deter me from giving it a full 5-star rating. you should definitely but this if you're looking for a gizmo to tell you current air humidity /temperature in your room! 


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Digital LCD Temperature and Humidity Meter