Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1 Pair LED Bicycle Lights

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1 Pair LED Bicycle Light VERY BRIGHT BIKE LED LIGHT £1.99
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This Silicone LED Light for Bicycle gives you the excellent brightness in the dark or in strong backlighting with this long-lasting LEDs that features color balance, silicone surface. The LED light fits easily on to your bike and give you extra safety cycling at night. You don't need to worry about in the rainy day for its waterproof features. Features: Brand new and high quality Super LED Beetle Frog Light Quantity: 2 pcs Solid, durable, elastic Mount this pair of lights on the handlebar of your bicycle. Can be used as a bike safety light when attached on bikes. Increases the safety when riding a bike. Increases nighttime and bad weather visibility for safety Water resistant shower proof design - is not afraid of rain flooding Install or remove without any tools, only need 3 seconds lighting modes: long flashing light and fast flashing light Specifications: Materials: Flexible waterproof silicone Color: Red Size: 13x 10x 2.5 cm Package contents: 2 Pcs Red Silicone LED Light For Bicycle