Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Girls Book - How to be the Best at Everything

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The Girls Book: How to be the Best at Everything
The Girls Book: How to be the Best at Everything by Juliana Foster £2.79
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At last, here is a book that no girl should be without; a book that guarantees hours of fun; a book that will encourage girls to turn off the TV and go and do something more interesting instead. In brief, here is a book that shows readers exactly how to be the best at everything! Who could resist? You can find out how to: keep a message secret; strum a guitar; do a French plait; make a bird feeder; make a compass; find the North Star; press flowers; do finger knitting; build the best sandcastle; make a kite; be a natural beauty; make your own lip gloss; do the perfect handstand; do the splits; teach a dog to shake hands; and much, much more! The entries include step-by-step instructions and diagrams to follow.