Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ice Ball Maker Mold - 4 Whisky £7.99

Darice Circle Cutter £3.64
Home-Complete Ice Ball Maker Mold - 4 Whiskey £7.99
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Start enjoying the wealthy lifestyle taking your drink with Home-Complete professional Ice Ball Maker. It provides you an elegant and enjoyable way to take your drink. You will get 4 perfect ice ball spheres. Using our clever design you will enjoy the real taste of your drink without diluting it.
Want to impress your friends? This ice ball maker will do the job.
Want to buy something cool for your friend? This ice sphere maker is your perfect gift for every event.
This Ice Ball Mold is perfect for Holiday Parties and Christmas Stocking Stuffers
Each Mold Make 4pcs 4.5cm Sphere Ice Ball - Perfect for Parties, Restaurants and Bars.
Ice releases easily from silicon mold and does not crack while freezing.
Features Leak-Proof Design and Water Fill-Line - Easy to Fill, Easy to Open.

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